Freequently Asked Questions

Most Commonly Asked Questions We Recieve
Why is my water bill so high?

A high water bill can often be caused by a leak in the system and is often the toilet is in need of repair. Other cuases can be backup sub pumps, outdoor faucets, or leak under a slab just to name a few. 

What causes green and brown staining on my fixtures?

Staining is often becuase of the water. Brown stains are usually due to iron, while green staining is due to aggressive water disolving the copper in the pipes. These problems can be solved cost effectively. Ask your plumbing professional. 

What causes water hammer?

Water hammer occurs when flowing water is stopped abruptly. It can be solved with water hammer arrestors. 

What causes the rotten egg smell in my water

The most common cause is sulfer gas locked in the water that is released when the water comes out of the faucet. This problem can be solved cost effectively. 

What causes The faucet to drip?

Typically a faucet will drip because the rubber washer on the stem becomes worn out over time. Often it can easily be repaired. 

Can old plumbing affect my water quality?

This can depend on factors like low ph water and pipe construction. Galvanized plumbing for instance can add iron into otherwise clean water. It is best to have a plumber diagnose plumbing issues. 

Why is a bad odor coming from my drain?

This can depend on a host of factors, but more often than not it is because there is no water trap on the fixture. The water trap prevents sewer odor from entering the property. A second cause can be a problem with venting causing the water trap to lose it’s water. 

Are chemical drain cleaners a problem for my plumbing?

Chemical drain cleaners are a good way to disolve small clogs. They can be corrosive so they may have a negative affect on pipes or septic systems. So it is best to contact a licensed plumber if you have a difficult to clear drain problem.  

How often should I have my plumbing inspected or serviced?

Most plumbing equipment like water heaters, automatic filters recomend service at least once per year.