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A top plumber in Ohio is just a phone call away. The expert team at Advanced Plumbing is here for you.   Advanced Plumbing is a family-owned, A-plus-rated plumber serving Northeast Ohio for over 20 years. Call (330) 687-7825 and a professional member of our plumbing team will be there right away and always at a great price!

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Drain Service

Drain Cleaning in Youngstown

When your drain lines run slow or back up over and over even after a plunging. It is probably time to get a professional plumber to solve the problem. Here at Advanced plumbing, our experienced technicians have the expertise and fully stocked vans to ensure we fix the problem right the first time and always at the right price. We are your plumber in Ohio so give us a call today! 

Water Heater Service

water heater plumber in Youngstown

There are many makes and models of water heaters on the market today. Here at Advanced plumbing, we make it our business to know how to work on pretty much every one of them. Now tankless water heaters have become very popular for both space and efficiency. Servicing and installing this new technology requires the higher level of expertise you get at Advanced Plumbing. Call Today

Other Sevices We Provide

Water Heater

water Heater in Youngstown

A water heater is an essential appliance in your home. Keeping it running efficiently is important to enjoy your property and save money.  Read More about water heater service

Drain Cleaning

Cleaning a drain in Youngstown

When your drain lines back up you need a plumber fast. We understand this and respond fast to solve the problem and get your property working. Read  More About Drain Cleaning

Shower and Bath

Shower and Bath plumber in Youngstown

Servicing bathroom valves is often best left to the professionals at Advanced. A leaking valve can cost a fortune in water and energy and we keep them running right! Learn More


Tankless water heater in Youngstown

The general plumbing in your property is something most would rather not need to think about unless it is not working. We have 20 years of experience to ensure your peace of mind. Learn More

When Should You Replace or Repair Your Water Heater?

water heater repair in Youngstown

For the most part, water heaters should last between 15 and 20 years. Depending on the brand, type, and quality of the unit.

Modern Water heaters are made to last a long time. How often you need to replace your water heater often has to do with water quality and maintenance. For instance, acidic water can greatly reduce the life of your water heater. Ask your technician about solutions to improve your water quality and extend the life of your water heater. We are water heater experts. Call us for all your plumber in Ohio needs

How Often Should I Have Service On My Plumbing?

Generally, you should have a plumber service your system once per year. The service can include draining hot water tanks, flushing sediment from the system, checking pumps for shorts, and changing filters. 

Water quality can greatly affect how often your plumber should service your system. The acidity level, dissolved minerals, and amount of sediment in the water can cause all types of issues an annual inspection can help you avoid. We are your plumbing in Youngstown, so call today! 

Do I Need A Drain Cleaning?

Drain cleaning is something most people have to do quite often in their homes. Most blockages can be serviced with a simple plunger and most businesses and homeowners have one close by to solve a blockage. 

When a plunger does not work it is probably time to call a professional plumber to snake out or hydro jet your drain lines. The expert plumbers at Advanced Plumbing have the right equipment in all our vans to quickly and cost-effectively solve your drain problems. Give us a call today! 

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